How to Utilize Handmade Pottery

Handmade pottery is “fired” to a temperature of 2300 o. This handmade pottery is known to us as “stoneware” rather than calling it earthenware. When your product is used wisely and are being cared for properly, it will last for many, many years to come. Any pieces not properly cared for, no matter how expensive it is, will lose its quality and eventually become damaged earlier than expected. To be more aware of how to take care of your pottery and enjoy it for years to come, especially buying handmade pottery, it much better to be guided on how to use and care for your products.

Below are some guidelines and rules how to utilize handmade pottery:

1. First, wash your new pottery items before using them.

2. Most handmade pottery like Italian pottery are dishwasher safe. It is better to put them on a rack to ensure safety form any damage and breaking.

3. Handmade baking dishes are all oven safe. Putting the food into the dish and then to the oven is the correct way to do it. Preheat now your oven with your dish on it. Do not put your stoneware into cold storage or places when it coming from a heated oven. It will cause shock to your stoneware.

4. Stoneware is not good for the stovetop. They are designed to withstand continuous heat from an oven.

5. After a long time of using your stoneware, at some time, it will form a glaze which will form a network of fine line cracks on its surface revealing a stain formation to your tea cup most specifically. You can remove this stain but the crack will not disappear. The easy way to remove the stain is to put a few drops of bleach unto it. But before using it again for next time, rinse it out thoroughly with water.Learn more updates at their official website.

6. For clay pots, you may soak them on a plain water for at least 2 hours and let it dry.

7. Clay pots must be used on a low to medium range of heat. The clay post will gets easily hot even on a low heat. So better to take them up on gradual exposure to temperature.

8. Generally, clay pots are fired to its utmost temperature. It can be used hassle-free to any commercial or residential oven. It could also be used in wood-fired type oven.

9. Like other stoneware products, clay pots are not temperature change friendly. Do not put it directly to a refrigerator if it is just come from a heated oven.

Handmade Pottery

10. Another use of pots are they can be served as a storage for any more details at

It is expected that your Italian pottery will, in good hands, last for a long period of time. Therefore, you should make your own simple way of reusing these sustainable items that are available. Proper use and care of your items at home can be of great help to make your product last long, thus helping in conserving what is reusable. Enjoy your pots while they last. An with proper care, they can last a lifetime.