How to Preserve the Beauty of Italian Ceramic

No use having enough Italian Dinnerware for all guests, have beautiful and unique pieces, knowing all the items of tableware is not to worry about how to maintain and store everything. So, settle well because it has a lot of information again!

Tips on how to keep theItalian Dinnerware always perfect:

The most important is: pay attention to the Italian Dinnerware can be taken to the microwave and dishwasher. Not all they can. Most is written at the bottom you can or not. Still others ask to avoid frequent washing, or the talk of having a dish for the day to day and other special occasions is not fresh.

Go wash in the machine? Organize it properly and never put more dishes than its capacity allows. If you have questions, read the instruction manual.

Go wash your hand? Choose sponges non-scratch.

Go wash after? Using paper or water, depending on the dirt to remove the excess. Organize well the sink. Never merge plates and cutlery in a stack. Make separate cells according to the type plate.

Will leave in the colander? Some dishes tend to get water spots, dry them immediately prevents this. If you cannot pass a clean dishcloth with alcohol solves.

The white crockery was stained with use? Soak in a solution of water with vinegar, lemon or bleach, they are white and new all over again.

Keeping yourItalian Dinnerware as good as new

The dream of those who love Italian Dinnerware is to have a huge amount of them and to save everything and more. For those who are still novice, I explain: the cupboard is a room designed for desktop items, china cabinet is a cabinet with the same purpose cabinet is a cabinet with glass doors to the crystal and crockery, buffet is a low cabinet that is near the dining table. Even if your only option is the kitchen cabinets or a makeshift shelf, you have no excuse not to get everything organized.

Tips on how to save the Italian Dinnerware from getting scratched:

Keep out of reach what is less used. It seems obvious and is, leave the dishes of the day to day in the most accessible location, makes life much easier. What would be the most accessible place? Who needs no effort where we need not go down, or help from a bank to go up and pick up, that is, at the height of our arms. If in your house there are only high and low cabinets, see which is more comfortable removing a stack of plates. Keep your Italian Pottery close, but not too close to each other, that way you might break small pieces of them.

The dishes are easily stacked, but very large batteries are not safe. I do not know the maximum number of dishes that can be stacked but more than 10 will definitely damage your Italian Pottery.

Very distant shelves one of the other are not very practical. A stack of 20 dishes, for example, will be high around 20cm. Do not skimp on the number of shelves and, if sent to a cabinet, check out the measures that have to know what you need. Another important thing: dish weighs. Prefer strengthened and closer support shelves. There are brackets to accommodate the plates vertically if space is not an issue, it is a good option. Otherwise, forget it.

Have your cupboard created the way you need it to be

Although not very common today many planned furniture companies work with options to store dishes inside drawers. The drawers are reinforced and are used specific supports to store them that way.

I’ve seen people who put a screen between each dish, but do not think it’s that important, besides compromising aesthetics. Indeed, aesthetics is a very important factor when you want to keep your Italian Pottery safe and sound.